Why Attend?

What Will You Take Away From The Reckoning?

This is a professional development conference and a learning experience. This conference will help you in your current role and in your future career. You will learn things like:

  • The role of techniques like design thinking and DevOps to do better work.
  • How to align IT with the business and to add value to the companies we work inside.
  • As a technologist, how to better communicate with non-technologists.
  • How to think about the big picture, like analysts and executives do.
  • How to Get Stuff Done and be creative, even in roles where operational stability and process are also important.
  • The role IT can play in innovation.

This is also a retreat and a gathering of like-minded people. We’ve crafted a focused event that will leave you with shared experiences, inspiration, and new perspectives. 

Be warned: the way you approach technology and your career may never be the same again!

Who Should Attend?

Enterprise technologists, IT professionals, or people who work with them. People who want to make the enterprise a better place to work and the world a better place to live. Many of us are part of the greater enterprise infrastructure communities, including virtualization, storage, networking, and cloud, but all friendly folks are welcome. We come from both big IT departments and small shops, from both giant vendors and scrappy startups, but there is one thing we have in common: we care about our jobs, about tech, and about our fellow humans.

As you click around on this site and read about The Reckoning 2015, you may be getting a sense that you need to attend. Come join us and find your tribe of like-minded people.

Photo: Steve Jurvetson CC BY 20

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