The Reckoning 2015

13-14 Sep 2015, Half Moon Bay, United States

A gathering for the enterprise IT community

Do Work That Matters 
Beyond Technologist: Communicator, Businessperson
Be a Creator, Not An Operator

John Mark Troyer


I lead a community of enterprise tech geeks

Keith Townsend


IT Geek and founder of and

Mark Twomey

Mark Twomey


I work for EMC Corp but the arguing comes included at no additional charge.

Robert Scoble


Technology news, videos, opinions, from an enthusiastic Rackspace employee who grew up in Silicon Valley and has interviewed more than 3,200 geeks.

francine hardaway


Co-founder, Stealthmode Partners, helping entrepreneurs succeed

Karen Lopez


Sr. Project Manager & Architect, Consultant, Trainer, Traveler & NASATweetup SpaceTweetup. Microsoft MVP. Love Your Data!
A bit snarky, too.


francine hardaway


Kong Yang✔

Practice Leader
John Troyer avatar

John Troyer


Karen Lopez

Data Evangelist
Missing avatar

Matthew Brender

Developer Advocate
Missing avatar

Marc Farley

Rob Marković avatar

Rob Marković

Principal Technologist / Evangelist
shannonsnowden 308 avatar

shannonsnowden 308

Senior Technical Architect
Melina McLarty avatar

Melina McLarty


Michael Leeper

Kenneth Hui avatar

Kenneth Hui

Director of Technical Marketing
Patrick Kelso avatar

Patrick Kelso

Kathleen Troyer avatar

Kathleen Troyer

Jim Colwick avatar

Jim Colwick

Managing Principal


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Paul Braren
· 4 years ago
For me, and 2 others at my The Reckoning table, it was Commodore VIC-20, also a fan of the museum
francine hardaway
· 4 years ago
Here's my presentation for Monday. But don't expect me to follow it. This was just my first thought.!224&authkey=!AExcLtOO3sGYDaQ
John Troyer
· 5 years ago
What job will you have in 10 years?

A day-and-a-half, single track conference on the people and careers who make up the enterprise technology industry.

We are exploring three areas: What does it mean to do a good job at IT, how to communicate effectively about technology, and how to be entrepreneurial in a profession known for being process-oriented.

This is not a trade show. This is not a job fair. This is about bringing big ideas to the table about how to run our lives and careers as technologists.

This event will be a learning experience, a retreat, and a gathering of like-minded people. We’ve crafted a focused event that will leave you with shared experiences, inspiration, and new perspectives. Be warned: the way you approach technology and your career may never be the same again!

Who Should Attend?
Enterprise technologists, IT professionals, or people who work with them who want to make the enterprise a better place to work and the world a better place to live. Many of us are part of the greater virtualization, storage, networking, and cloud communities, with many from the VMware and vExpert community. But our community is growing. You may already be getting a sense if you need to come to this event as you read this. Keep scrolling down the page. Come find your tribe.

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